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Animal Studies

When enough is not known about the product to take it to humans yet, Animal or invitro studies may be better options to understand more about the product, its mechanism, target population and serving size / dose. Vedic Lifesciences preclinical research facilities have the top of the line infrastructure, personnel and SOPs to handle simple to complex research protocols invivo or invitro. We have completed probably the largest number (330 as on 2012) of non-clinical studies for nutraceuticals by any one single organization in the last more than a decade. Vedic’s experience and expertise in substantiation studies for a large number of health claims is unparalleled in the industry. Data coming out of Vedic’s non-clinical work has been a part of numerous submissions to the authorities for approvals or for further human studies. If you are looking for a non-human claim substantiation or screening study, look no further. You have come to the right place!