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Health Conditions

Vedic Lifesciences continues to enjoy a leadership position in Nutraceutical Contract Research globally through the development of special expertise in several types of studies offering immense time and cost advantages

  • Vedic Lifesciences has an experience of conducting over 11 bone/joint health studies in 750+ volunteers across 40 sites for US, Canadian and Asian clients. Vedic has probably by far the largest body of knowledge amongst human study centers for joint health supplements and natural products.

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  • Vedic has over 150 GCP trained investigators registeredfor cardiac health trials. Do you really need to look elsewhere for your next study on a heart or vascular health product?

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  • Vedic has access to 800+ trained and untrained volunteers on a sports / fitness program that can participate in your Energy or Endurance study.


  • We have access to state of the art technology and numerous validated scales to assess efficacy parameters related to weight management

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