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Key Team Members

Jayesh Chaudhary
Vedic Lifesciences has supported the Nutraceutical Research of hundreds of companies around the globe for about 14 years now. Jayesh is considered one of the pioneers in this industry to apply Good Clinical Practices (GCP) and other high standards in natural product research. He is a thought leader for human studies on dietary supplements involving novel research tools, statistical methods like sequential design, unique subject recruitment strategies, low cost yet accurate data management and publishing results. Jayesh has written for industry verticals in US, Europe and Asia, co-authored several original papers and reviews and spoken about novel concepts such as Botanical Drug development and the Power of India for fast-tracking innovation in the Nutra industry. Selected as Alumnus of the Year by his School of Pharmacy, Jayesh also has a degree in Microbial Engineering from the Twin Cities Campus of University of Minnesota. Jayesh Chaudhary’s passion remains developing low cost but scientifically validated product development tools to the Nutraceutical industry so that we can truly harness the power of natural products for health and wellness.

Anil Yadav
Head – Quality Assurance
Anil Yadav leads Quality Assurance at Vedic. He brings in over 7 years of experience in the field of Quality assurance with experience in writing and implementation of standard operating procedures, documentation, qualification audits and training. His focus at Vedic on system development and training activities has helped in constant upgradation of the team’s expertise and capabilities. Anil, a Biochemistry and Microbiology major, has successfully led the Vedic teams for several ISO 9001:2008 and ICH-GCP sponsor audits.