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How do you determine the cost for human studies?

  1. Our studies are priced depending upon a particular tasks we would be responsible for clinical study and the man hours that are required to complete the task.
  2. Vedic believes in leveraging in house expertise with that of the client which makes Vedic more flexible in the “task ownership matrix” thus bringing down costs wherever possible.
  3. A major cost of any human study is investigator grants. Vedic is able to keep this major cost in control by proposing sites in Asia wherever feasible to the study objectives and acceptable to clients. There are mounting reasons why India and China should be considered as potential sites for human studies for time, cost and quality reasons.
  4. Laboratory costs are planned to meet the study objectives and safety and ethical concerns in the study and mostly outsourced to labs in India which offers a huge saving as againsts such tests carried out in N. America.
  5. Another cost factor is the subject compensation which as per Indian guidelines is kept at reasonable levels so that volunteers are not enticed only by the financial motive of participation in studies.