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Strategic Alliances


Today’s competitive food & dietary supplement environment has led to organizations spending more time in selection of the right product in the early stages, critically planning and vigilant execution of the research strategies which are extremely important for the success & commercialization of the product.

Vedic Lifesciences & Anixis Biomedical Consulting together create a synergistic partnership to offer Regulatory and Claim Substantiation expertise which helps in not only careful selection of the product in the early stage but also affordable, credible and efficient research.

The two most valuable services that Vedic – Anixis provide are:

  • Rapid regulatory assessment of the product for faster commercialization strategies
  • Optimizing product development in terms of time and cost

costas-loullisAnixis is headed by Dr. Costas Loullis, A biomedical consultant who has extensive experience in strategic planning, regulatory, drug and business development services.





marvikVedic Lifesciences has been successfully partnering with America’s leading clinical research center for supplements – Heuer M.D. Research. Marvin Heuer, M.D. has over 40 years of medical clinical research experience and over 30 years as a Principal Investigator / Medical Director, overseeing numerous pharmaceutical drug trials as well as nutraceutical studies. Dr. Heuer has extensive experience in nutraceutical/pharmaceutical product development and FDA/FTC related matters. Dr. Heuer independently assists with toxicologic and clinical study design at Vedic Lifesciences. Dr. Heuer is experienced in GRAS affirmations, NDI notifications and IND applications, and assists in ingredient reviews and expert reports for the U.S. dietary supplement market.